Milestones & Memories

Fleeting moments captured

Milestones & Memories

Fleeting moments captured

Cake and cuteness

You're already a year in and this little one has stolen your heart more and more each and every day. Give them a birthday to remember with mess, love and cake, cake, cake!

Not everyone likes mess

There are always alternatives for those littles and Mamas who don't like the mess that comes with Cake Smash images. A beautiful outdoor session to crawl or teeter around or like this little guy, an in the box birthday session.

Bath Time Bliss

After your little one gets as messy as possible, and this is seriously encouraged, we get a lovely little antique bath tub filled to the brim with bubble and let them get all cleaned off as part of any cake smash session.


There are so many milestones in your child life that are worth capturing, from a 6 month celebration to a 1st birthday. Also the little things that mean so much to you like the first lost tooth or school uniforms being worn for the first time, its all memorable!

Milk Baths

There is an almost etherial feel to these beautifully crafted pieces of art. The option to create is so vast, you will be able to pick and choose what colours suit your little ones personality. Using flowers, fruit or even cereal as a fun twist to the milk bath sessions.