About Me!

Hey, I’m Gemma, I'm a visual storyteller and lifestyle artist. I love to create images that speak to you and fill your heart with joy.

I'm a photographer, a Mum, a make-believe extrovert and a wife. I love rural life on the West Coast of Scotland, all 6 of us and our two cats!

My biggest inspiration comes from my family, from my upbringing filled with love and laughter to my current beautifully chaotic existence. 

I grew up on a farm not far from where we live now, even back then, without truly realising, we were documenting our lives together.

I still have these incredible moments frozen in time from my own childhood, prints that are taken out and admired over and over. 

My goal now as a wife, mother and photographer is to help others capture the true essence of their own families while continuing to do the same with my own lot. 

I want to be able to look back with fondness on the moments I've captured while really being able to be present right now and embrace the life we are privileged to be sharing.

Zoe & Baby Ella

“Gemma is an amazing photographer who manages to capture beautiful and natural shots whilst making everyone feel at ease. I’m delighted with the images of Ella! - Zoe.”

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