This is my family

Yes, I made them look at me and smile, we all need at least one like this right!?

I'm a wife and a Mum to 4 incredible young men.

In this crazy unsettling world, right now, these guys are my reason for being safe!

We've spent a ton of time together, and I've loved it! Not going to lie, having a photographer Mummy must be super annoying for them but it's given me the opportunity to spend quality time capturing our own story.

That old saying, something like the cobblers kids have holes in their shoes, always came to mind when I was out capturing other families moments. As much as I hate dealing with Covid and all the upset it's caused, I've gotten so much closer to my amazing little family and for that, I'm super grateful!

My tribe

My wonderful husband Mark with Lucas who's 9, Owen who's 7, Ethan who's 5 and Nico who's 3.

My whole life in one frame! I think the smile at the camera might be a Dad thing.

My world

Over the past few months, they've helped lead me to where my heart truly lies in respect of my art.

Storytelling is my jam! Using emotion, movement, connections, smiles and tears to tell your story, I love it all!

I want to feel like part of your family for the time we have together, to be that fly on the wall and capturing the most real you!

Getting in the frame

Here I am, it's not something I do often, I definitely prefer to be the one taking the picture but Covid has taught me that life can be so fragile. I have to be involved in creating memories with my babies. I have to let them see I was there too.